About Us

Welcome To Kripa Maternity

KRIPA HOSPITAL is a Multispecialty BMC registered hospital owned by Dr. Deepak Patel (General & Surgeon) & Dr. Jyotsna Patel (Gynaecologist) Both of them are into private practise for last 20 years . At Umang Maternity & Surgical Nursing Home Owned By them at Andheri – East.
And now this is new venture at Andheri- West KRIPA HOSPITAL
Apart from medical practise they are extremely passionate about health & fitness both are marathoner’s & Long-tenis players as well .

  • O.T – There are 3 operation theatres

    1) Main operation theatre
    Designed to move particle free air over the aseptic operating field in one direction designed to flow vertically and horizontally. Anti-bacterial fungal PU paints for OT Walls and Ceilings. And surgeon Control Panels wall mounted.
    2) Surgical & Gynecology operation Theatre
    Fully equipped surgical & gynau ot with anti pvc puffed panelling, ot table & ot light.
    3) Labour O.T
    All labour patient have A.C, automatic labour table for comfort, long with warmer for the baby.

  • Consulting rooms

    There are 3 AC consulting rooms, where doctors from different specialities like gynaec , surgery , orthopradic, pediatrician, E.N.T specialist, urosurgery,Dermatologist will be available.

  • Reception

    Beautifully designed reception with ample sitting arrangement for patients & computerised billing system with TPA facility.

  • Words

    There are in all 15 beds arranged in different deluxe rooms having facilities of A.C, T.V, fridge and attached bathroom

  • I.C.U

    Facility of ICU to manage highrisk medical cases & for postop management of highrisk surgeries

  • Medical store

    Inhouse emergency medicine & regular medicine are available in Urvi medical store .

  • Diabeteic Clinic 365

    Complete solution for diabetics management by DrRajulMewani and Pediatric cases managed by DrSheetal Shah

  • Lithotripoy

    There are in all 15 beds arranged in different deluxe rooms having facilities of A.C, T.V, fridge and attached bathroom

  • Kitchen

    All patients are provided with healthy & hygenic food especially monitored by nutritionist .

  • O.T

    Main O.T - This is an highend O.T with antimicnetsial, PVC puffed ,panelling with air handling unit, Hepafiltre and high end operation electronic table and O.T light with facilities to monitor surgeries on camera. All cases of unosurgery, knee replacements, Hip replacement , I.T fracture, E.N.T cases, opthalmology cases can be easily Performed here.

  • 64 Specialist Doctors
  • 95 Happy Patients
  • 28 Rooms With Beds
  • 09 Awards Winnings

Client Testimonials

  • Deepali Sharma

    “As I drew closer to the birth of my second child, ordinarily, I would have been anxious and turned a million things over in my head. But when I saw how earnestly the doctors treated guests, I felt confident in leaving it to them to work their magic. In their presence, I didn’t feel like I had to worry about my delivery at all! It was because of Dr. Jyotsna Patel that we decided to deliver our baby on Kripa Hospital.”

  • Dharmika Patel

    “After my experience on Kripa Hospital, I am thankful to the staff and facilities at their NICU. During our time there, their neonatologists took great care of our baby. Kripa Hospital’s method of working places equal emphasis on efficiency and personalisation, and they strive to develop a personal connection with guests and babies alike. ”

  • Ankita Joshi

    “The highlights of our Kripa Hospital experience all unfolded inside the NICU facility. Not only did the quality of the facility itself stand out, but the Kripa Hospital staff managed our baby’s treatment expertly. The nurses looked into every health complication and successfully addressed each one.”